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Fundraiser Security Needs

by State Patrol Services | Sep 15, 2020 | Blog, Fundraiser Security

There are many fundraiser security needs. Like, protecting the patron. People are at risk without security. Some of the risks include theft and property damage. More risks are listed below.


Fundraisers don’t seem like a security risk. However, they are. This is due to the high traffic during an event. A lot of people go to fundraisers. But, only one person monitors money, items, etc. Small fundraisers are a target for petty theft because it’s easy to get away. For example, few people secure a girl scout booth.


Property damage can be caused when security isn’t present. A fundraiser can provide fun. It can also provide a distraction. Therefore, items can be damaged or stolen. Theft of funds earned during a fundraiser is the most common risk. However, another risk is assault. People are close together and able to harm others without security. This also includes child abduction.

Security Options

An armed officer is a great security measure. This option provides an officer with a weapon. Therefore, they protect everyone and everything. Both armed and unarmed officers are great for guarding exits. If something happens, they can prevent them from escaping. Cameras will help to provide evidence. If someone steals or damages an item, there is proof. Overnight security is great for a building that the fundraiser is in. Especially for ongoing fundraisers over several days. Contract security is a great option for long fundraisers. Political campaigns are a good example. They are usually ongoing for a year or more. This may require constant security. Contract security can provide that.

What is your best option?

Choosing what is best for you may be difficult. It depends on your situation. Small events will benefit from an officer. An armed officer will be most helpful at any event. Large events require more than one officer to be there. Long events may require a contract. Whatever is best for you needs to be decided upfront.

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